In 1969, at the height of the Vietnam War, 2 year old Redwood Forest Hanson watched from the backseat of a beat up Volkswagen van while his mother left his father for good. At the very moment his mother walked away, Redwood, aided with the radio news of another Jack Nicklaus victory, had the beginning of a stress induced epiphany:

Beat Jack Nicklaus at the Masters, and his parents would reunite!

Eight years later, Redwood has yet to defeat Jack. He lives in Canada with his draft dodging, dope dealing, hippie father, who despite all his free love, cannot make life any easier for his son. School is a constant battle and even with the help of his trusty sidekick, an ancient wooden golf club – nothing seems to help bring his parents back together. Suddenly his life flips upside down! His father is arrested and Redwood is relocated to Northern California to live with his estranged mother. Here he meets his new ‘family’; a militant stepfather, two unwelcoming stepbrothers, and the elderly, agoraphobic, step-­‐grandfather Earl, who lives in the basement. Redwood’s dream seems crushed forever… until Gramps reveals a secret golf tip that could help Redwood beat the world’s greatest golfer.

Redwood’s imagination soars to exciting new heights and with the help of his Caddy and Scoreboard Boy, he’s only one shot away from defeating Jack, freeing his father from jail and reuniting his parents forever.